Legacy of my Life


Did you even take one look at me

When I was conceived

Before you decided to leave

I bet you didn't

So now when I hear your name

I seethe inside

there is really no place for this anger to hide

Cause when I was eight

every night you didn't come home I cried

Then i turned twelve

I started wondering why

Found out that momma had lied

so I swallowed my pride

Along with those fears

cause along with those tears

came the answers that I have been waiting for

all of these years

But they weren't what I expected

all the signs pointed to me being neglected

but now I know the truth

you would have to been responsible if I was under your roof

so you cut me loose

It was like we were playing duck duck goose

you tagged me then ran, ran as fast as you can

I couldn't catch you

you were like the gingerbread man

Now i figure that you were just a toddler wrapped up in big boy pants

not knowing the meaning of what it means to be a man

cause if you did

you wouldn't have left us the way you had

it makes me so mad

that for years momma was so sad

no matter what i did i couldn't make her glad

or put a smile on her face

I felt like a disgrace

but little did I know

I was really her saving


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