Left Or Right?

Sat, 02/15/2014 - 23:58 -- Ometis


Two lanes seperate
Left or Right?
Dream to think freely
Dream to make a statement
Which is true goal?
Many times I take left
Many times I choose wrong
To be a game designer
Make fun stay fun
Make happiness stay happiness
Make courage stay courage
Obstacles of technical education
Obstacles of finance
Right or Wrong?
Left or Right?
To choose, 
I must step honestly,
I must step boldly,
I must step powerfully,
my statement is my truth
my statement is my right
my doubt is my wrong
No need to fear my choices
My only obstacles are fear and doubt
Still, I must choose
Left or Right?
My answer
I will make games
I will make life fun
I will think freely
I will make my statement
My mouth and hands are tools,
My goal is my shovel,
I make my own path.
Left or Right?
My own path


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