Left Behind Her Shadow


She spoke what she thought,

she thought things through.

To one bad thing she would never do.

Never spoke a lie,

she was always so sure.

Then three kids walked by.

She looked at them with envy,

she looked at them with lust.

Their life was the only life she ever discussed.

She did what she could,she was no longer herself.

She left her friends in a lone cough.

She lied, she would cheat,

she would even give her soul.

They eventually, took her in as their new meat.

Her friends moved on,

they didn't like what they saw.

For all they knew, she was long gone.

But, she left behind her shadow. s


She thought she would be happy,

she thought she wouldn't feel low.

She thought her life would be more great,

thought of it to be a better fate.

But, being with them, simply wasn't her fate.

She found herself surrounded,

but simply alone.

She tried to rewind,

tried to get back on her own.

Everyone had left her, not bothering to care.

She had ruined it,

everything no longer there,

even her and her perfect boyfriend were no longer a pair.

She eventually became herself and had to start again.

She was her normal self,

no longer a sin.

Sverything placed back into it's perfect place,

even her shadow found it's home.


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