Leelah Alcorn

In memory of Leelah Alcorn
A poem by: Destiny Diaz (ddiaz80)
©All rights reserved

Forced to wear a mask,

As I epitomize a façade,

That many will believe,

A twain between a cold, unaccepting world and I,

I wonder and wander,

In an uncomfortable skin,

With a despondent emotion plastered upon my features,

I drag my feet with sorrow and despair,

As I gradually raise my eyes to see hateful glares,


I am tossed into a cell of conflicted emotions,

With people who couldn't be persuaded because of their convictions,

Where they promise me that everything will be alright,

Those words that swam through my ears,

Were lies,

Yearning to connect with the positive side of society, as I glance at my untouched phone,

In my case, such a thing is only a figment of my imagination,

A pain so terrible,

Strikes at my chest,

Questions roam the land of my mind,

Why dwell within an unbearable skin?


Why live when I will never be accepted?

My pen glides across paper and I take my last breaths,

May my death be not in vain and may it open peoples eyes,

So that they can finally see,

...That hate filled words are a poison...

They kill from the inside.


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