Leave it all there

I see the person in the mirror each morning and cast them aside,

Because every day I shed the skin of yesterday to become amplified.

No matter what I do I only strive to be better.

I know too many people who just look around for an answer,

When the real meaning of life is staring them in the face.


Every instant I’m still breathing I’ll make the choice to step forward,

To do everything in my power to make sure my days mattered.

Nobody aspires to be average so why give in to nature,

Why let mediocrity be your ultimate matchmaker?

This life doesn’t mean anything unless you get it out there.


Whatever I do I leave it all there,

Nothing is half-hearted or listless, I swear.


Staring back into that mirror I see my flaws, my doubts, my fears,

But little do they know that it all just disappears.

The small things don’t matter when your purpose is in reach,

If the best is all I can give then I give it with each.

I get up to give it my all and I’ll do it ‘til I fall.


I only have to please myself and that’s what’s ambitious,

I am the person to push myself to those standards regardless.

If I wake up knowing I can become better then I will,

Nobody else is going to hold me to that on a battle uphill.

I have to be the one who looks in that mirror and decides.


Whatever I do I leave it all there,

Nothing is half-hearted or listless, I swear.


Concerns and burdens try to bridle me but I stand determined,

Progressing through is the difference between the lifeless and awakened.

You can’t go back and do something more,

You can only go forward and decide what you do it for,

Because the only thing you can do is leave it all there.

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