At Least It's Something

It has been said that all you need is love, 

but that is not what keeps me hanging on. 

They say "Let go, don't worry about what's next," 

but what if happiness is just a lie? 

My sanity is hanging by a thread, 

but I will never know how strong it is. 

What I believe is that which I can feel. 

Oh pain, we'll always run away from you

to feel what truly never can be felt. 

I'll never try to take what is not mine,

for I already have my inner thoughts, 

and that is pain enough for me to live. 

I feel this pain and know I am alive -

I do not need to hear "You need not cry."

I tell you now that I am not hollow. 

I am full of horrifying dreams

and know that that is all that I will need. 

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