At Least I'm Trying

Nevermind what the haters say

(Since I'm a hater, anyway).

I try to be romantic but I

can't help it when I'm frantic

I'm only hoping you don't panic

When I become manic

depressive successive days without creative success

So pardon the mess I'll address

While I attempt to undress

the layers of your mind

Strip those thoughts shyly hiding in your eyes

I'll remind myself why

my time is getting shorter,

these disorders cross borders

of living more in the shorter path.

I beg of you to stand it

despite lack of understanding

It's just hard seeing you fly,

when I keep crash landing.

Maybe next time I'll look into your eyes,

giving access to the mind

which procreates with the lives we find.

Little did we know, we're just really little.

I'm sorry to piddle on

this life that's such a riddle

Take a step into the middle,

Let insignificance consume you;

So before you assume your

placement in this world,

maybe we are worth a chance

on the moon.


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