learning to speak

Thu, 11/13/2014 - 23:31 -- Yarnold


When i went to kindergharten I spoke Spanish

and only spanish

"What`s she saying?"

"oh that`s Ariana, she`s just stupid"

people like to say kids arn`t racist

they arn`t 

they`re just crule

and clumsy 

and don`t know their own power

looking back on it I don`t really hate them

I mean they hurt me

but to them it was all in good fun

there`s not much to do but shrug

and acknowledge that you are indeed not very smart


these things do happen for a reason

they hapen because "white America is afraid of

...well...spanish speakers at least"

my dad tells me in response to the raideo

"never underestemate racism in Arizona."

"I know that" I laugh 

Jhon Humppenthal was the superintendant

whiel I was in school

“We all need to stomp out balkanization. No Spanish radio stations, no Spanish billboards, no Spanish TV stations, no Spanish newspapers. This is America, speak English.”

I don`t hate this man as much as I probubly should

there`s not musch to do but shrug and learn english

so that the next time somone says "Ariana is stupid" 

I can respond with

are you sure? I mean you don`t even really know me.

I mean if you really think I guess I`d like here why you`d think that

I mean it`ll be useful when I go to job interveiws

but, honestly it seems like you`re not intelligent enough to put it into words

it`s fine you know, to not be that intelligent

lots of people arn`t that intellegent

I mean not people I know

I`ve been in accelerated classes since first grade, but, I`m sure average people exist

oh, I get it, you`re just a jerk who isn`t trying to be helpful

that`s kind of sadistic you know

you might want to get that checked out

people don`t really like racists

I`m just saying it might be worth it to clean up your act

so you don`t end up completely alone

after defaulting on your studint loans

but whatever, it`s just a suggestion

have an awesome day 



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