learning experiences

You have been a learning experience. I hope I did help you mature in the slightest bit. In the end, to be honest, I didn’t want to help you out or tell you what you were doing wrong. I didn’t want to be the girl who lost you and the girl who upgraded you. How is that fair? How can you expect me to make you all perfect then let you go.

I would give and give till there was nothing left. I saw a glimpse of love and ran after it like I was Usain bolt.


I wanted your next relationship to be the one who shows you how wrong our relationship was. Your next girl won’t be afraid like me and she’ll tell you how it is instead of taking what she can get. Or maybe that was my fault, it was me. You make me question these things. Was I just not living up to your standards? I’ve seen what a boy does when he really likes a girl. Why wasn’t I worthy of that type of affection? Why can he do it and you can't? These are things you made me wonder. Now I hope to grow and continue to move on.




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