Learn (Sh*t You Can't Tell Your Teacher)

I go to school almost everday, each day to learn.

Your job is to teach us, use that degree that you have earned.

You tell us that you care, but when I am seeking answers you are no where to be found.

You pay more attention to the ones acting out, then to the ones that never make a sound.

Do you really care about us?

Nah, I think you just want your check.

Cause if you really cared about us you would always try your best.

If you really cared about us you would take the time to get to know us.

If you really cared about us you would teach, we would learn, and we would always stay focused.

If I could say this to my teachers maybe they would learn.

But I am the student and they are the teachers, for their degree they have earned.



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