Learn Between The Lines


I’m angry about 99.9% of the time.

My temper is quick it comes fast then it goes.

But few see that but the ones that do I really don’t know why you haven’t learned Between the Lines.

This wasn’t me anger is not something that I like it’s the very thing I try to fight.

I’ve always tried to be a light to people I always did what I thought was right but it wasn’t good enough.

I avoid eye contact with you when I see you

I keep my headphones in so I don’t hear you

I told myself I will never need you

Not again

Not now

Not ever

Bc you let me down

And the sad thing about it is you still don’t know

You still never ask but instead you yell

You gossip

You’ve made our home something toxic’

So, I keep my feelings inside and box it

But inside mentally I’ve already lost it.

But you still haven’t learned between the lines.

They say you can’t teach a broken bird how to fly

But I’m not broken I’m wounded and you could have tried

You still could try.

Why not try.

You claim you love me but you haven’t shown it

You said you want what’s best but I still don’t know it

You say you want to talk I spoke but you haven’t heard it.

You still haven’t learned between the lines yet.

There’s a reason why I think the way I think

There’s a reason why I act the way I act

There’s a reason why I speak the way I speak

And if you one day come to your senses and learn between the lines

I’ll educate you

I’ll tell you why I’ve been so angry

Ill tell you why I’ve been so sad

I’ll tell you why I cried those nights

I’ll tell you why I posted that post

I’ll tell you why I failed that class

I’ll tell you why I didn’t call

I’ll tell you how much I needed you

I’ll tell you how much I missed your hugs.

I’ll tell you what you already should have known.

I’ll tell you

I’ll tell you.

When I speak its shaky because every day I try so hard not to cry

I tell you why I slap on makeup its not to showoff but how I used it to hide

I’ll tell you why I’m different I’ll tell you how you changed

Ill tell you why I stopped trusting the sun but instead fell in love with the rain

I’ll show you how I deal with my pain

I’ll show you once you learned and hopefully you’re not too late

Because every day my gate closes just don’t be too late.

Please learn between my lines.


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My family
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