Do you 

Ever feel

Like you're 


Like the


Has stopped


Do you ever

Feel the darkness

Eat away at you

All the while


Is crumbling

It's real

It hurts

It's scary

But you learn

To let go

When it gets toxic

When it starts

To grab onto you

You can help

As much as you 


And stay

For however long

As you can

But tell me

If it starts gnawing

And ripping


Your own happiness

If it starts clawing 

And gnashing

Its teeth

For you

I've learned

That you leave

That you can't

Keep giving yourself


You can't give up

Your health

If you have to force

Yourself to stay strong

To smile when you

Want to cry

How is that


If caring

About myself

Will drive family away

If thinking about me

For once

Turns others astray

What am I to do

Other than watch

From afar

And help

From a distance

Since I tried

And I listened

To family

And friends


I'm a hero to myself

But a villain to others

But perhaps that's


Is my selfish thought

Even when leaving 

I wrote and prayed

That they would be okay

I spoke and I warned

I stayed silent

But listened

And those who care

Tell me to stop

That I shouldn't bother

And just move on

To stop waiting

To stop listening

To stop looking back

For a family

For anyone

Who wasn't there

The past is in the past

And I'm starting 

To learn

To just leave it

At that. 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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