Lead from behind

Mon, 11/04/2013 - 18:04 -- Ilramar


People say they want to be a leader, a teacher, a coach but very few realize leaderships a servents role. To lead, you must stand behind. A teachers ego mind is set aside for a time, while the focus is not on "whats me" and "what mine" but how my student will succeed even I in time. To coach with this approach might seem weak but to most, they think leaderships post to stand, brag and boast. But I see the coach as a servant... and upmost To lead, you must stand behind. I grew strong, ONLY that I might strengthen you. I faced pain, ONLY that I might show you though the stuggles, the tussles, the frustration that brews. The dark red blood though skin which bruised. I stand behind you because there was a time I knew, a man pushed me to get through and pursue. That dream, that goal, that glory which grew from down in my guts which came up with a spew. He taught me, he coached me, he split me, he broke me He cried, and he tried and his methods wrote me. With his strength he pushed, that my success might ensue. He made me stronger, that I might make YOU. And now YOU growing stronger, that you might make too. The next man in line, like a moment in time, will look behind and there he will find. You who grew strong, with my foot on your back, forcing you to keep his focus on track.Like I did you, and he did me, the forces of strength grow like family tree. A friut does not grow without branch, without trunk, the nourishing soil underfoot, not up front. To lead is bow. To teach is to grow. To coach is to know. That when the wind blow, the tree unmoved, in the earth it is stuck And I stand behind YOU to push YOU up front. YOU get the sun, YOU feel the rain. And I'll keep you strong, from behind I'll remain

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