Laura Kristine Schneider

Wed, 01/21/2015 - 22:28 -- schnela


I am Laura Kristine Schneider

I am from stardust and unfinished constellations,

From words never spoken, quietly littering the page

Black ink, blue ink, blue veins

I am from red blood and cold blades

I am from a dark abyss people overlook

As they stroll by, warmed by the golden sun

I am from a damaging home, a broken gazebo

I am from the shelters of sticks my child-hands made

in an attempt to evade my cold world

I am from death, from the dirt of the earth,

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, from dust I was made and to dust I shall return

I am from a broken mind, an over emotive body

From quakes and tremors, from rains and rivers

From pills and cherry popsicles, from rope and rust

I am from a lonely road,

From a land of unfathomable horrors

The genocide of millions of have-nots

“For if there is a god, he’ll have to beg for my forgiveness”

I am from golden flaxseed, farmed up from the dirt of my skin

From azure lakes and streams with clouds shining down

I am from the stories of old, ancient legends and ghost tales

Making my spirit soar towards the stars

I am from a life where waking up is a daily struggle

For when I wake up, it is always still dark

I am from stale wine and aged bread

Leaving a bitter feel on the tongues of the oppressors

So nothing will ever taste the same

I am from stolen glances and silent shouts,

A mystery, a puzzle, an anagram

constantly changing, developing new meaning

I am me! Nobody else!

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