Latino Boy

He is a Latino Boy

Trapped in a country of bullies both politically and civilly.

Continuously slaughtering the streets for proclaimed glory

And threatening the Latino children with their families standing guard

To the Latino boy, whose parents were killed, hope is dying.

He must seek a sanctuary for refuge.

To the north he must go.


He is intelligent and brave.

Through jungles both concrete and green, he knows how to survive.

Precautious around ghettos and the sounds of gunfire afar.

He travels safely north to a new haven

Where books are limitless, food is everywhere, and friendly people walk amongst the streets.

To the north he must go.


He is an optimist

With a fence in his way, freedom awaits.

The stars get brighter just like the flag’s

Hope revives within him as he crawls for sanctum, kissing the ground of the north

The soil felt softer than expected, as he gained energy to stand back on his feet

Then the warmth of a light flashed before his brand new eyes.

Only to be grabbed like a dog by a man with a gun.

In a van he goes, surrounded by other children

Some just like him thinking this is the way to freedom.


He is still hopeful that the man who took him to what looks like a prison is a good man.

The north is known for great people that his father used to speak of like Martin Luther King Jr., Cesar Chavez, and Abraham Lincoln.

As he lies on a cot shared by three others, he looks out the window to the bright night sky

And is happy to be alive and if this is the way to live, he is willing to adapt to freedom.


He sits on a bus the next day in the north.

It is surrounded by others shouting, “Get them out” and “Throw them back”

He is still hopeful that the President will save him,

What he doesn’t realize is that the president gave them the orders to throw him and others over the fence.


He knows the world better now,

Knowing that nothing will work

His pursuit of happiness is a shadow of the past.

The world spat him back to hell where he ran from execution

Nothing can save him in the struggling streets

Life will continue to hammer the nail into his hope.

Not even being considerate that

He is just a ten year old Latino Boy



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