Last of the Perseid Meteor Shower


The balcony juts from the third floor of the complex
against the wind from the lakeshore.
Cloud-troops, pushing south
to their ditch, the trenches of dead.
              Sky-black as the western front.

Before I go back inside, a streak of light
passes between the clouds & beyond
for a second, then into darkness.
I assumed they were gone by now,
              all cosmic leftovers.

I was lying, I just wanted to see how you’d react
He lied to me—
said he found another
boy to undress.
Suck the nectar from his
sweating pores.
The give and take,
push and pull of
thigh-meshed skin
awaking to his warmth—
              to get a rise from me

The only thought of him I have is us
digging holes together,  
where he is taking all of me.
We will try to bury ourselves in the
rubble of the other,
hoping to find gold among the bones.    

It is easier,
when the calls stop & the texts stop &
everything drops dead,
I know I cannot come back to you.
I am calm & clammy,
                still waiting for the phone to find me.

The meteors came & went—
flash and gone.

            It was supposed to end at midnight.



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