last of the dying breed


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i'm a 70's baby
last of the front line where memories were fond
i remember hanging out with alot of kids in which we form a bond
i recall watching tv shows like good times
back then i recycle bottles and cans to earn extra dimes
toys like transformers made you use the mind to think
everything nowadays happens so fast that you don't give your eyes a chance to blink
there was a time when you fear your parents knowing the wrath of a belt
now a kid can call the cops because you have a mark of a welt
what happen to respect of adult figures
only figures kids respect are the ones with rap sheets longer than my arms
remember being broke, but have an imaginative mind
this day in age, all kids want to do is play video games by which their eyes will go blind
i remember as a kid playing a game call kick the can
right now , games kids like to play will lead them to being ban
hearing footsteps of a parent back then, you start crying without even seeing them
at the present, kids have no shame and still act up when their parent shows up
this is what we call generation gaps
people want to start shooting busting off caps
you have kids having kids
knowing that their child will grow up doing bids
respect went down the toilet faster even when is taking a dump
in the end, there are consequences in which the hardest person will feel like a chump

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This poem does a great job of describing how when people age, they realize that the world around them is becoming different as well.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

times change, people change
my central theme is the whole notion of the generation gap where values are lost
we need to have young people make the connection that how it was back then can affect them now
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