Wed, 07/11/2018 - 21:37 -- Nelle


We speak the same languages

That’s all that it is

It’s not the skin or the anatomy that comes within


It’s the way that we argue over something small

Then after a few minutes, forget it all


It’s the way we use our telepathy to talk

from across the room

we would do anything to keep up through

and through these tongues, it keeps us together

In any kind of weather, even if we’re apart we end

Up sticking together.


We speak the same languages

It’s just that simple

It only means that we’ve found someone

who is our equal


Maybe even more, we might be one

Through the signs from our hands

A moment for the two

Demonstrating more of our unity

Our friendship, our best friendship

That’s all that this is coming to


And if you’re still not understanding

Then you may never, cause this is My slang

My poetry

My tongue

My argument

My unnatural ability

Comprehensible for another


My equal, they understand

And is probably the only one

who speaks the same languages as me.



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