The Language of Tears

it seems so easy to cry now

the tears coming from some ever replenishing source

and I am not startled any longer

when a hot stream flows down my cheeks 

when blinking releases a torrent

when the words hidden in my tongue

are drowned out

by the truth in a face

haggard with sadness

leaking from every pore the screams that never escape my lips

a silent cacophony

I can hide and lie and pretend

but still I cannot control

the overflowing

the wearing on my soul

the tearing of my very essence

and in this transcedence

nothing could ever explain

except for the way light glosses a face

covered in tears

rubbing pink into the white, petrified cheeks

adding life to the death in bloody eyes

creating beauty in torture

I no longer suffer while hidden

because to weep

is to commune with an inner pain

the indescribable

succintly explained

by the fat drops dotting my lashes

the trails running down

seperating heartbreak from ebullience

misery from joy

a path between both worlds

like laughter in the eyes of a corpse

it seldom occurs without an audience

but i wish to see

glory in the defeat

victory in my surrender

to the passions guarded within



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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