Sometimes I wonder where the time went.

When we stopped being in love.

When we stopped caring.

When it became okay to drift apart.

When the hugs stopped.

When hanging out in your truck wasn’t fun.

When holding hands wasn’t cool.

When you wanted to see other people.

When one girl wasn’t enough.

When cheating became okay.

When jumping from to her and back to me became fun

I hate catching you looking at me.

I looking up to find my eyes right at yours.

It makes me feel like there is still something there.

I know there isn’t.

I ask myself all the time where I went wrong.

Maybe if I gave you what you wanted.

Snuck out more often

Broke the rules.

Wore less.

Tried more.

Maybe if I were prettier.

I’m starting to realize I couldn’t have made you stayed.

You started drifting way before we met.

When we were in the booth.

When we were play fighting.

When we kissed.

When you left her.

When you came to me

When we were “just friends”.

Way before the dirt’s “I love you”.

Way before you lied.

I came back four times.

You hurt me four times.

I kept telling myself “This time will be different”.

It never was.

I kept telling myself “he’s going to change”

You never did.

Why can’t I let go?

Why won’t you let me?

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