Land of Who, Again?

I think you cannot claim every person on your soil

If you only want ones undefeated by their toil

Some of them collapsed under your burden

Some of them used to think they were important

Settle, Mother country, for making my blood boil


Mother country, the people here have no badge or permit for being unique

And I estimate that land mass is not the measurement you seek

Let me tell you how moral and just, deserving of trust, you are

Mother country, if you think your government is your saving grace

Think again what with that orange-tinted disgrace


Tell me lies, Mother country, tell me so many lies

I used to see your face in my governors, in protesters clad in pink

Lie to me again, for who's gain?, and that inane refain

"Land of the free"

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This poem is about: 
My country


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