Land of the Somewhat Free

Mon, 04/03/2017 - 12:51 -- mazabm

I am going to be blunt

Police are murdering black kids

Poor considered less than the 5%

Politicians are lying

President won't say a word about black boys dying

They passing anti-gay laws

Haven't said a word about guns

One of them kills people

One is basic human rights

And we pray and cover our eyes saying they wont take those away

Yet we got a first amendment zone down in Ferguson

We the land of the somewhat free

Still struggling to get married in most states you see

I still got to fight to make it higher

And they still expect me to sleep with them to get there

I won’t be able to afford this house in ten years

Broke straight out of college

Can’t get a job then

Better to not go

But then I still can't make it nowhere

America is messed up

The land of the somewhat free

It happens everywhere they say

That still doesn't make it okay

We are here

So we got to make a change here

If we don't our children gone be just like us

Watching black boys being murdered

And the nation doing nothing.

Land of the somewhat free.

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My country


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