The Land Of False Hopes

Sun, 04/09/2017 - 16:31 -- ashtyn.

We've grown up

being told that we can become anything.

But the white lies turn into 

the darkness that consumes you.

Because once your hopes get high enough,

they come crashing down and

they can't come back up.


Growing up shows you

that your skin color defines you.

And that your slanted eyes

make people fearful of how you drive.

The stereotypes become the 

balls and chains that hold you down

and make sure that you can't move.


And the glass ceiling,

is almost impossible to break through.

Because society's views are this way one day

and another the next.


So no,

this is no longer "America the Great"

or "Land of the Free"

because it's never been about



The white man has always had

the "leg up" in life.

Making Native Americans leave their land

and forcing the African Americans

to be their working hands.


And women have always

been seen as lesser than men.

Because they want love and affection but

get raped with no justification instead.


But there's no way to make

America be great again because

it was never "great",

not even when we began.

This poem is about: 
My country


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