The land



My LandOh! Land!Struck with drought, famine, and pestilence,When will you be restored it?No place to escape!No help is nigh!No scent of health!Those who hold power runs,Escape, but finds no peace, Found help, but no scent of healthOh! Land!When will you be healed?No truthNo one stands on the truthOur hope is a dashTruth has departed from the land, where can it be found?My Land knows no truthWhen will the truth come?Truth is like excreta to my LandOh! Land!Filled with God's wrathNameless scars Who will restore thee?Who will heal thee?When will the truth come to thee?God, willOnly when His fear is wornAnd truth prevailed Turn to GodThen you will be replenished,Then you will be healed,Oh! Land! Escape that wrath.

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My country
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