Mon, 01/05/2015 - 17:37 -- Okenwa


I'm sure most of us are familiar with the term 'Ladies First'. Eve took some and ate, ladies first huh? It's no surprise that the present day Eve, I mean the Church, still takes some and eat when the devil has convinced us we would be like God knowing good and evil.

Then the fall. Then we fall. Then tears drop like waterfalls.


But here's the good news.
No matter the amount of times I fall, I realize it helps me fall in love with you Jesus. Because you caught me, by SAWprise because I couldn't SEE beyond my nose that you died for me. But more importantly you rose. Oh! How I love the smell of the flower, thanks for the rose. My heart begins to rise in search of your ways. Jesus is the way, so I'm in search for Him.

Let's flip the script! Jesus is the one who finds. You have heard that He who finds a wife finds a good thing, so if I'm the church and the bride of Christ then Jesus finds a good thing when he finds me. Now I do not care about the lies the devil tells me. I'm good not because of me, but because of Him. I'm clean not because I can take my bath, but because if He's the vine and I'm the branch and God is the gardener, then when he waters me, taking my bath is what His WATERING CAN do. This is not a Soap Opera, but if the church is female, you can call it 'The Gardener's daughter'.

Jesus and the church, the only true polygamy. Marriage that defies the gravity of sin because we would be caught up in the skies with him during the wedding. Look out for the wedding bells, they sound like trumpets. The bells chimes equals the end times. Well… do not be carried away with the poem rhymes.
Now we are one. And I'm pregnant. It's not even 9 months but out of my belly flows rivers of living water.
But this was not until Jesus told us who we are. He knew we have had 5 husbands. He knew all about us. We're the Samaritan he's such a gentleman! With numerous separations and divorce, He still yearns for the love of His life. Since he has told us who we are without us telling him anything, we would go into town telling everyone 'Come see the man who told us everything we ever did'

Could this be Jesus?


(…to be continued)



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