Lack of Funds

Thu, 07/24/2014 - 15:19 -- EC58

“You’re so cheap”

Excuse me but no

Do not call me cheap

You don’t know me


It’s only an extra 5 why does it matter

Because every cent counts

That’s why

Do not brush away my concerns by labeling me as cheap


When you have had power cut and water turned off

When you have been reduced to mac and cheese 5 days a week

And you’ve seen your mother struggle just to make ends meet

Maybe, maybe then could you call me cheap


Do not label me as cheap simply because

I don’t see the value in spending every night of the week

For late night thrills


You’re right in some ways

I do hesitate to open my wallet more than most

I do need to learn to relax and have more fun

And realize I can’t let the money rule my life


Yet I know these things and I try hard to fix it

But instead of seeing or caring or asking

You label

You don’t realize the slap in the face that is


I’m not asking for a lot

Just stop the eye roles and the mini smirk when I say no

To late night spending sprees


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