For Lack Of A BetterTitle

What job would change my life?
I honestly have no clue.
I don't think much of work or how it impacts my life.

Instead of thinking about how a job can change my life,
I tend to think more about, "how can I change my job?"

But if we must speak of change,
the truest form of it has been and will always be
all of the changes God has done within me.

If we speak of change, then we must start at the beginning,
which was the end for me.
The day my life was completely hopeless,
the time I failed in my search for meaning.

Heading the path of destruction, death would be my prize.
Pills digesting, intentionally over-consumed,
Two and a half hours, walking home and cursing the God who created me,
Blaming Him for my pain and suffering,
 accusing Him of not living up to His promises.
Then, finally, arriving at my final resting place,
angry at my parents who abandoned me,
and never took their job as parents seriously.

What I did not expect, what I did not count on,
That the very God I cursed and accused,
He did not just hear me, He proved me wrong.

My own life, unjustly taken, He graciously gave back.
At 17, I couldn't understand why;
At 21 He gave me his answer.

I have spent my entire life searching for true love;
unconditional, never ending, patient, kind, and life-giving.
A love that loved me just as I was,
a love that didn't make me change myself first.

In Christ alone have I found such love,
Through Christ alone can that love be received.
And His love alone, can change even the most impossible things.
(Including me)

There are so many things that matter, things worth fighting for,
but the soul of another, and their greatest joy,
for God's name to be kept holy and glorified,
is the one thing, intricately connected,
that makes everything else worthwhile.

I believe I was asked about the job that would change my life,
well, that is something no man can give me,
nor take away.
It is something I rejoice in,
and something I greatly desire to continue doing
each and everyday.

There is a job, however, that I desire.
And a specific industry that I'm quite passionate about.

To serve those who cannot serve themselves,
to give real food those who cannot afford it.
Have you guessed it?
In a million years, you could never scratch the surface.

Imagine that you have cancer,
that you automatically have to change the very way you live,
the way you eat,
that even joy was a battle to gain.

Or, you could imagine you have diabetes,
or any and all forms of allergies.
Perhaps PKU would suit you, too,
but have you thought about the effects of these?

How much would it cost to avoid protein?
How difficult to completely remove dairy?
How hard is it to avoid sugar (which by the way, is in everything?)

What if you're a mother of two, and one of them has PKU?
What if you're poor, and are just grateful to get any kind of food?

I myself want to know.
I myself struggle with a few of these.

How difficult is it?
How expensive?

I am currently pursuing a Dietary degree,
but that's only part of my dream.
I desire to bring Nutrition back in culinary,
specifically for those who struggle to eat
with all the above , and more, mentioned afflictions.

The obstacles are numerous,
and the trials will be great.
Financial burdens is one,
and the others I cannot yet name.
And let us not forget
the Master's Degree I must obtain

But I suppose you could be asking,
what does Jesus have to do with this?
Absolutely everything.

Without Him, I woudn't be here to dream.
Without Him, I wouldn't care about anyone,
let alone, me.

And the dream is His,
and His dream is mine.
Although I still cannot comprehend
all that He has in mind.

So, what job would change my life?
That's a fair question.
But here's one better;
"How can I change the lives of others through my job?"


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