Labyrinth of Mirrors


Garden County High School
200 West 4th Street Oshkosh, Nebraska 69154
United States
41° 14' 26.79" N, 77° 0' 18.4068" W

Insatiably stalked by haunting perceptions

Mental insecurities cause collections of indiscretions

Bleak emotions are psychological assassins

Haunting every movement; breaking me to fractions

Everywhere I look, I detest my reflection

An infection; leading me in a detrimental direction

Staring at me, stabbing me with piercing eyes

Judging me, determined to drown me in lies

Covering up regretful circumstances that mock me

Clawing from inside of my heart to block me

From any escape, to bury me under the weight

Of self-consciousness and ominous self-hate

Fabricated tape constricts my ability to speak

Because I’m trying to escape but the mind is weak

My mind is distorted and contorted into a disaster-piece

Every where I turn, this person I hate is after me

I try to smash the mirrors, but the glass cuts me deeper

If this is a nightmare, I cannot wake up, I am a heavy sleeper

I am broken and choking no hoping is open

So much difficulty coping, if pain is a drug, I am overdosing

Around every corner a former portrait of me withers

My heart grows cold and my body shivers

The grasp of regret tries to snap my sense of purpose

Beneath the surface I feel worthless and unearth this

Curse that’s suffocating me with its virulent fangs

As I progress down the possessed halls, my tension hangs

Shattering salvation cannot save me from corruption

And every time that I seek help, I bleed from disruption

I hate myself and I face my hell as asphyxiation nears

Because I’m lost in illusions in this labyrinth of mirrors

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