the universe birthed you, 
you were crafted from the very building blocks of life.
your hair, streaked by the moon and your skin, pigmented by the sun
constellations were loaded in your eyes and the energy of the world in your fingertips
the galaxies fuel your everlasting soul and the trees bask in the light from your illuminating mind
your thoughts are fractals and fragments of comets from far away
and your body, the gegenschein in the dark matter that’s unseen each and every day
the bang that’s said to have begun creation was the pitter-patter of your heart 
because my darling—you were the start. 
i know sometimes you feel like a dying star,
but my love words cannot tell you how beautiful you are.
and i do know that this isn’t much, but i do hope it’ll make you feel somewhat better—and such because you are the cosmos, the universe, and all that is within it.


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