"L O G I C"

how do you convince
a kid who feels like
their whole life is 
a waste not to kill
convince the kid that thinks
that their not going 
to be anything to 
stop cutting?
how can you stop 
us from feeling
this way?
almost every night,
i lie my head 
on my bed-
staring in the 
dark- or maybe 
a screen.
i daydream 
about nothing,
i stare blankly
into the air.
sometimes hoping
that over-the-counter
drug thats in my 
body kills me. 
sometimes i wish
that i wont wake 
up in the morning,
or maybe ever 
im being 
eaten alive by 
my own thoughts. 
i feel like ill 
never be anything
ill never make it
ill never succeed.
but its me, 
im doing it to
i let those 
insecurities and
the self-consciousness
take over my 
body until its
no longer mine.
its not mine 
its theres.
they took over 
for me.
they'll make the
decisions now.
i lie down and 
feel like death
is the thing 
that makes
that it's the 
only thing that'll
bring happiness
to me-
that its the 
only answer.
but i've 
called several
and nobody 


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