Thu, 05/01/2014 - 23:42 -- xeneeah
I know a few things.
To start off, I know my name means hospitality in Greek.
I know that the sun will rise after the moon goes down and the stars fade.
I know I need to work to succeed.
I know no matter what I do; if I’m happy my family is happy.
I also know, you ‘re never coming back to me.
I know my name will never escape your lips without a mention of a curse before,
I know you hate me.
I also know, I never really loved you. It was just lust mixed with loneliness and you were this unsuspecting victim of my temporary isolation that sent me looking for someone to warm me up on a cold night.
I know what I did was wrong .I should have sent a warning shot to the sky before I shot you right through your heart.
I know that one day this will come back to me. My heart will be shattered by a boy who I put in the center of my universe. A boy I will put on a pedestal so high the lack of oxygen will smother him. My heart will be broken by a boy who I thought loved me as much as you did.
And I know after all this happens I’ll look back and finally realize my name is a twisted irony because hospitality isn’t my strong suit. I’ll just be writing the same damn poem after the bullet shoots from my broken soul to the heart of the next innocent bystander, who’ll remind me so much of you.



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