Know The Difference

We've been put in an uncomfortable position

Where we don't like to listen

To our hearts, our souls, and our emotions

We fall and we rise

But we ignore all the signs


We want to feel stronger


That weakness is defined as

Keeping true self hidden and revealing more lies

That we forget what's the truth 

And what really lies within you

That there's more to fulfill you

Than just a mask to cover you


But we still are laid there, silently still

knowing the questions

Knowing the answers

Yet we choose to hide them

For personal gain

For personal advantage

We want to feel like we're a  step ahead of everybody


so we continue hiding

and lying

and yet we are slowly dying


We don't want to listen

We ignore

We grow

Without a single worry of what is actually here.

How we actually feel


Because weakness is where we've been always positioned

So it's natural that we don't like to listen

But the cold hard truth is to embrace what is difficult

and instead know the difference. 


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