Kissing the Sky

I crawled but then I slipped

I sought to be but bumbled

I walked and then I tripped

I dared and soon was humbled


Drew air although I reached

And struck out though I swung

Spoke up and lost my speech

No answer when I rung


Broke down although I tried

Efforts met with a hiss

Leaped but nearly died

I aimed but alas I missed


Upward I aspired

Seeking to go high

But yet a ceiling mired

My flight to kiss the sky


Pushed back but then got shoved

So I shoved off instead

Abandoned when I loved

Thus love turned into lead  


My flight to soar like eagles

Convinced me I was feeble

I sigh, I cry

Grasping at the sky


But one fine morning I

Intent on soaring high

Was given strength by Him

And found that I could swim


I’m keener than I was last year

Smarter than I was last month

And faster than I was last week


I’m stronger than I was yesterday

More adroit than I was hours past

And more wise than I was seconds before


I am better than I was sands ago

Learning to grow and know

To harvest what I sow


So like the trees I’ll grow

Vigorous and green

Radiant I’ll glow

As happy as I seem


Henceforth I’ll hop puddles

Jump canyons

Traverse raging waters

And play with lions


Ask and I’ll tell you

How this change came to be

How all things are made new

Through Grace given by He


Today I seize the day

Smelling the roses

And striking poses

Hearing the birds

And speaking words

Tasting the dew

And loving all of you


And on this day I

Look up and kiss the sky

No longer stumble

In fact I will rumble

Walk tall and all

No longer feeble

But fly like the eagle


I fly, I’m high

Soaring through the sky


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