Killer Beauty

Once upon a time…

There lived a women with devouring beauty in the deepest woods of a quaint city.

Not a single soul dared to travel near, for she eliminated all who she could hear.

She was known throughout the land for her beauty, which she conjured with her hand.

Skin as white as snow and hair as dark as soot; Snow White was the name she took.


Born to the King and Queen, she was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen.

However, with beauty comes a price; Snow White had a passion to slice.

At birth her mother knew, the evil that she had grew.

As she became older and time went on, the amount of deaths she caused carried on.

At the age of seventeen, Snow White was banished by the Queen.

Her hatred grew inside and she had no one in whom to confide.

Until one day, many years past, she came across a coffin made of glass.

What remained inside took Snow White by surprise.

As she removed the lid, the old woman came alive.

Awaken from her cursed sleep, the old woman began to jump and leap.

Snow White’s confusion grew as she witnessed the old woman turn to the age of twenty-two.


After years as an apprentice, Snow White recalled her old interest.

In the middle of a warm night, she laughed aloud as her friend put up a fight.

Completed within a minute; Snow White’s dark heart knew no limit.

Since that day, she saw every human as prey.

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