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Kids in love pluck flowers
Kids in doubt pluck their petals
He loves me, he loves me not
A 50% chance of finding love
But all you have to do is find a flower
With an odd amount of petals
But that's not something you learn
Until you're older

Kids play games and tell jokes
But now the rules have changed
I still play hide-n-seek
But I'm only trying to find myself
A game of ring around the rosie
But only I fall down
I used to tell jokes about the chicken crossing the road
But the only thing that was crossed were my fingers
And the punch line was growing up

As we grow older
Love becomes less probable
And games turn into sad reminders
That there are winners
And there are losers
When we're young
Adults ask us what we want to be
When we're older
But they never stop to tell us
That growing up
Is something you have to grow to love


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