That Kid You Once Knew

Remember that first day of school, where I was so distant?
Transparent to what you see, because I was hidden in between
of that Jock and that Preppy boy that seen to be more important than me.
You know, life is crazy because we as teens try so hard to fit in and want to be seen.
Out drinking, partying every weekend just so we can fill this image that society says it’s okay to be.
But, when do we sit down and think?
No I mean actually think, about what we’re doing and how it affect the people around us and who we aspire to be.

You claim you want to be a doctor
A Lawyer
But what you’re doing isn’t helping your case.
I’m that kid you once knew
(Strike one)

Sex, drugs, and alcohol are what’s cool right?
Everything that looks like gold doesn’t shine.
You take a sip of that liquor, that wine, you dine
And later on that night you Fucked.
A month later you figure out you knocked her up.
Now you stuck, on how to pay for this new born baby
That you’re not prepared to take care of.

But hey that’s life, and now it’s time to grow up.
The question is how to you teach a Boy to become a Man in nine months.
See, the answer is you can’t.
The purpose of sex is to share it with someone you love, and you care for and you both
Aren’t scared of the consequences.
And now…

He’s that kid you once knew
(Strike 2)

Jealously and hate, you deceive and you debate,
Whether to begin, to stop, or end this chaos.
You toss, and turn all night for this fright you have deep inside your soul.
In which you already feel has already turned to coal.
So black and so grey, who say or to judge you or your character.

In your past, you done so many wicked things, based on your so called “friends”
People that were only around because your name been tossed around from here to there.
They swear they have your best judgment, but when that judge gave you that verdict,
They were nowhere to be seen.
Real friends stick by you until that gloss doesn’t gleam.
And now…

You’re that kid they once knew
(Strike 3)

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