Kaylia's Story

I change my mask everyday.

The pain that i face is too overwhelming.

Somedays im happy and others i'm worthless.

I will make you think that im happy and you will believe it.

I have mastered to art of faking emotions.

Dressing up with a smile on my face. But on the inside im dying

I always wondered. Could you see the change in how i dress, change in my attitude. Do you see how sad i really am. Can you see through my fake smile?

My heartaches and my head hurts. Love pain and misure. I can’t tell the difference anymore.

It all feels the same.

You showed me love and everything that goes along with it.

You don’t need to know that i actually learned.

Like i said it all feels the same. Love means to me that i can trust and care about you.

But now i feel as if you don't care for me at all.

You see me as trash and nothing at all.

Don't let my mask fool you im hurt and disappointed in myself

All i can tell you is

I tell you want i want you to hear

not the whole story

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