Just For You

Tue, 01/07/2014 - 00:10 -- JKVilca

Usually a book is read page by page and the words just fly by.

We could go back and re-read your whole story.

Just set aside some time.

But there's no time left to review.

What could I have said to save you?

The smoke rose, the smell dropped and you could only mumble.

I couldn't watch this trip, but it was your last- the burden crumbled.

Through the rain of this storm, I hid away pain safe and stored. 

You could never continue fighting through.

So I told lies for you.

The truth is, angels came around.

They tried to lift you off the ground.

You saw them in the visions in your head.

They explained to you that something had to end.

I heard you ask the walls, "Is it really raining everywhere I see?"

"Or is it just the angels crying for me?"

Through the rain of the storm, I hid away pain safe and stored.

But you couldn't keep fighting through. So I told lies.

Just for you.



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