Just U & I


It’s just U & I militating against love; let’s not drink ourselves to stupor, let’s not drink ourselves with deception, let’s not drink to denial & later get regrets as hangover.

It’s just U &I, look me in the eye & tell me you’ve never loved me for a minute. Tell me, my name has never caused joy unimaginable in your heart & you’ve never smiled with apparently no funny thing in sight, just my recurring in your head. Tell me, I’ve never entered your early morning thoughts before; as for me U’ve made me seen butterflies every moment of my life.

It’s just U & I and I’m not your brother, stop talking of blood ties when I’m talking about love! I can’t to lose you to someone; if loving you is a crime then I need no attorney! I want to die cuddled in your arms. It’s just U &I; let’s not drink from the cup of deception tonight!

                                                                                                                                Kofi Flair @ 28/ 11/ 17



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Carlo Kofi Flair


(R.I.P.P Racheal K. Amoah with love & tears)

Her name has broken the sunset into a tranquil night, her voice has blistered hell’s epilogue into a wonderful love story. He is she, she is he, she is god, she is a she god, she is a saint, she is super human, and her works has caused confusion in the curia.

She is a coloured daisy in a velvet dream and her name has broken the dawn into a sunlight of treasured memories which makes tears cascade our face.

Kofi Flair @ 16/ 11/ 17


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