Just Tonight



I have never seen the stars so bright

So vast, so full of light

I lie on my back, a frail, pale hand reaching toward the heavens

Counting the stars, numbering in sevens.

My mind muses over lost a lost thought

Trying to replace what it has all but forgot.

Though there is no silence, not on this Earth

It's quieter than my head's ever been since my birth.

My mind's always a bustle,

Filled with such loud hustle--

And in my brain the thoughts keep silence locked up,

Until they overflow, such as water in a cup.

Pages have been stained with the ink from my mind

Just take a glimpse, and I'm quite sure you'll find:

--A locked heart

--A mind torn apart

--A brain brimming with many an ideal

--A soul even the Devil wouldn't steal

--And a girl who doesn't even know if she's real.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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