Just Think

On days where you're feeling rage and hate

You're feeling inadequate, or just running late

You just can't seem to ever get ahead

It's like life weighs you down, like you're made out of lead

But don't let these things keep you sad

Follow what I say and you'll be glad

Stop for a moment, just think

Your life will change, faster than you can blink

What can you do to change right now

Make a change to life's wedding vow

Think about what you want to do

And pursue that goal, don't let anything stop you

You'll look at your life with a brand new view

Almost like you're a bird that just flew

Setbacks become stepping stones, motivation sets in

Obstacles won't stop you, they're practically paper-thin

So when life gets you down, just think

"Why am I doing this?" and then blink

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