Just like a storm

Like a flood you came crashing through my walls.

Giving me all the hope and optimism one should feel with love. You let your waters damage my insides, leaving stains and broken pictures in it's wake.

I let you become much more than a flood, you became a hurricane.

And with that I thought you were my home. Not realizing the extend of change we provoked from one another.

We changed each other in ways no one should.

Asking too much and not understand the affect we had on each other. The pain I caused you, the hurt you shelled out to me.

How bitter we became loving each other.

I still love you.

I still feel your storm crash through me. You were my first storm, incredulously beautiful and so devastatingly cold.

I could feel myself drowning, you along with me.

You told me "If you would not have done it I would have." and at the time I had no choice but to believe you. Now my chest is torn and my mind still wanders to you.

I wouldn't change my decision, though it still feels like I'm gasping for air, I feel the weight surrounding me has eased. I'm able to float again. You are free to flood someone else's home. 


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