just stop

Stop. you heard me stop. Yes Iḿ talking to you, all of you.

Stop what you’re doing and listen to me. Stop thinking about how weird this is,

Stop it my hairstyle shouldn't matter to you.

Stop the way I over pronunciate the words i speak doesn't matter.

Now when you're in school or at work  remember these words,

Stop, just stop it,

The girl with to much makeup only uses that much because everyone told her she was ugly,

The boy in theater is there because that's how his dead mother expressed herself, and you know what he has FUN so stop.

The teacher that tries to fit in with all her students, and tries to be ‘hip’  just wants to be accepted by the people around her, she just wants to be accepted by you

The boy with bad grades doesn't study because he cares for his siblings while his mom works 3 jobs around the clock because his dad valued alcohol over them and left.

The girl with bright eyes cries herself to sleep every night,

The girl who got the title of teachers pet uses the attention she gets to fill what her parents don't give her.

Almost every line you had a person than entered your mind to fit didn't you. Someone, the boy in theater, the girl with the bright eyes, the girl with too much makeup, the weird teacher, the boy with the bad grades, the teachers pet.

Don't be ashamed of yourself, we all did, we all did because that's what society expects society pushes us to find a person to fit because we judge.

But Stop.

Stop judging right now.

‘Wanna be’ His hair isn't cut right. Stop ‘His mum cuts it for him and didn't know how he wanted it’

‘Slut, whore,attention seeker’ Her dress is way to short, Stop ‘She like the color and style and wasn’t thinking about the length’

‘Prude, ugly, stupid’ Her dress is to long, Stop ‘Her grandmother passed that dress down to her and she finds it beautiful’

‘Poor, Untasteless, thug, not enough’ His shoes aren't name brand, Stop. ‘he’s busy saving for a car and a good college’
‘Slow, fat, out of shape’ He can’t run the mile fast enough for your liking, Stop. ‘he has asthma, a physical problem that he can’t help’

Stop judging each other.

Stop judging yourselves.

Stop thinking you are not enough because you are.

Stop overthinking.

Just Stop. Stop and remember the words that i just told you to hear and take in the message that i tried to give and understand that everyone has their own problems and we should just stop with our hatred and just stop your judgement. So stop.



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