Just shut up already


You can go on and all

about the games, the football.

But when will you teach us?

Give the students the things they need for success.

You have a required graduation class,

yet you harass,

all of us with quizzes that we weren't told about.

Most of us want to scream, want to shout.

What teacher, bound to set students up to pass

in the world, that is, would make this class the students last? 

So, all the chat about football and horror novels, get rid of (it).

It's time to teach civics, teach us about gov.

Give us a chance to think for ourselves,

maybe we won't forever just stock the local grocery store shelves. 



A little annoyed with that teacher who is loud, and you're required to be there? Falling asleep everyday in class and still have 120% in the class? It's a little ridiculous but it's true for me in this case, in a class that should be teaching me more about how the real world works. Intelligent teacher, just not teaching us about the things we need before being on our own.

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