Just A Shell.


I still remember when you used to look at me without glossed over eyes,

I still remember when you took me fishing as we sat for hours beneath the bright and shining sky.

And of course I still remember when your stories would make us laugh so hard we'd cry.

Sadly, now they're only memories.

I remember when I could feel your mind start to slip away,

I remember when you looked so troubled as if you couldn't find the words to say.

It wasn't sudden.

It didn't happen in a day.

It came slowly, but slow things gain momentum too.

I remember all those stories that you used to tell that made us laugh so hard we'd cry, don't you?

Don't you remember when you used to take me fishing under the bright and shining sky?

Don't you remember when your eyes were full of life and memories and happiness?

Now when I look at them I don't see anything inside.

Sadly, now those aren't even memories.

It was sudden.

It happened in a day.

I can see that slow things gain momentum too.

Even when your mind wasn't, your body was tall and strong,

But now you were so weak and small as we held your hand all night long.

You didn't have to remember what my name was, or even who I was at all,

All you knew what that you loved me,

I could look into your once bright eyes and see you cherished and loved us all.

Sadly, now those are only memories.

Alzheimer's damaged your mind and your will,

It battered and beat you and left you in your last days as only a shell of what you used to be.

But try as it might, it couldn't take away the fact that you and I knew how much you loved me.




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