Just People

Orthopedic surgeon fled Vietnam at age fourteen


Old Lady works full-time and rescues children in between


My doctor doesn't know mother died from a complication of this surgery


Hut means house and house means mansion to the Burkinabé


Philippines one bed two patients and family change the pads


God loves me even though I have two dads?


Man at soup kitchen: works and loves psychology


The men's scrubs were too big so I made some to fit me


New black male surgeon in the OR highly respected


New white female surgeon in the OR barely tolerated


You didn’t have to announce that I need a bigger gown


Drunk teen was transformed into a pastor because the church didn’t turn him down


Ex-con irons his scrubs daily, taking pride in his new job


When we finally got a Princess she spent half the movie as a frog


Nonverbal patient loves conversation


Introvert fears speaking even with an invitation


Just because I'm petite doesn't mean I am not strong


Instead of me, they saw my girth: the initial diagnosis was wrong


No one makes me cover my hair, I choose to put my hijab on


Homeless patient’s handshake unmet, “Oh, you don't have gloves on


I’m not sure if the blue man who tells me where I can go is a friend or a foe


Where are you from?” “Chicago” won’t suffice they want to know I'm Filipino


Mama works steadily but we still can’t afford to rent


Country boy southern accent don’t mean I ain't intelligent


Mental health inpatients: just people in need of care


I’m either too light or too dark, I don’t fit in anywhere

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