Just off my Brain

Tue, 08/16/2016 - 04:36 -- alisee

I feel like I'm losing myself

in the ways that i do. Trying to make people happy

but what about you. 

You have to carry yourself,

you have to better yourself 

because nobody got you 

unless its God himself.

So don't worry about it

nobody else cares about it

you trying to make him happy but he doesn't even care about it

stop trying to stick things together

and make it better 

most things are meant to fall apart like cheese and cheddar

i know it doesn't make sense but

try to read between the letters 


 I'm trying to vent but i have no one to even vent to 

i don't even have friends in my mind to even go to when i need you.

So stop lying and saying that you really love me 

and saying that you care 

you said you always be here

for me..i was there for you 

even when you pissed me off 

i still said i love you right behind the 

Fxck you 

So what should i do leave and mourn over my love 

i should i stay like a wounded white dove 

its my love, love 

thats keepig me here

but if you keep this shxt up 

im not going to be here 


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