Mon, 01/12/2015 - 06:08 -- LWB™

Why is everybody so quick to judge before even taking the chance to get know someone? Don't get me wrong, no better.
But fuck look at that person. You think they are who they claim to be. I did, before I took the time to just listen.
You see a rich kid and talk down on them for everything you don't have.
I see a rich alone kid whose getting raised by someone they barely even know.
But little do you know they're begging for attention from their parents that are constantly gone out of state.
You see a poor kid and you laugh and make fun of them cause what they wear.
I see a sad poor kid getting ready to take their own life cause nobody knows that Dad walked out, so know Mom is having to play 2 roles going from job to job just to make ends meet. On top of that the sad poor kid has to tuck Mom into bed every night after pulling the needle out of her high ass. Cause Mom has a habit that she spends lil to no money they have left just to get her fix because she feels that's what will help make her not feel so alone.
You see a nerd and you point and throw paper at them cause the intelligence you lack.
I see a someone whose family hasn't amount to anything. So they wake up every morning and tell themselves this won't be them. They pay attention and ask questions when something isn't understood. They try not show the hurt when you call them out their name. Regardless of the fact that every night they're up studying with a dead beat drunken dad who hits and talks down on them every chance he gets.
You see a bad kid and instantly decide to stay away from them and not get to know them.
I see a broken bad kid who bounced around from home to home. Whose gotten shit talked to their whole life. Whose whole life seen shit that some people shouldn't even be apart of. Whose used to being alone cause nobody has ever cared for them. Their whole life they've been treated like shit, so they taught themselves to never take shit from anyone. When that Teacher made a smart remark towards him, they were tired of holding their tongue. They said a comment back and you just starred with disgust, not knowing that's all they ever seen, and it hurts just as much as the first time. So you just give him that label. Bad kid!
You see a pregnant girl at school and call her a whore, while at the same time you see the dude that got her pregnant and call him a pimp.
I see a innocent pregnant girl, that's been taking advantage of. She feel in love with what he disguised him self to be. Blind to the fact that he could care less about love the only thing on his mind was lust. She feel into his trap like quicksand. First it was an innocent kiss then it progressed. Baby if you really love me you would show. So she did, now she's waking up vomiting clueless to the fact that a baby has been made. 3 months later people start to notice. They start joking with name calling , Slut, whore, hoe. She thinks that's her new name cause her parents do the same thing, right along with get an abortion. She's broken, so she's tries to find help in church, but the people at church are the ones who shun abortion and talk down on teen mothers. The dude doesn't even try to help her. Nobody understands what she's going through, but somehow she finds a way to paint a smile on her teary massacre face.
Nobody ever wants to get know somebody for who they really are, cause it's just easier to put a sticker on someone then to listen. You've been alone, hurt, sad, and angry, you know the feeling. Why not just take the time to actually listen and see. People are better then what your eyes perceive to see.


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