Just a Ghost


They say if you see someone you used to care a lot about

with someone else and you get jealous

that the feelings never really went away.

There’s a time and place for everything,

and maybe

sometimes it’s not the right timing…

but you wonder when the timing will or would ever be right.

You can’t dwell on the past 

wishing things could have happened differently.

Everything happens for a reason

we usually don’t know that reason until later.

People change. 

Sometimes we are stuck caring about the person they used to be,

the person they were when you were with them.

Sometimes we are stuck watching them

live their lives from afar,

living their lives without us

as if we never made an imprint in their life,

wondering if our time with them was even worthwhile.

You build this story in your mind

how your life would be if they were still around.

Then reality hits you in the face

your life continues without them.


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