Just like Changing Seasons



Where the deity is seated upon contemplation

In search of solitude where thoughts is the only companion

What am I longing for?

Suddenly the surroundings is filled with obscurity

My mind envisioned in fantasy, playing a variety of films quitely

Someone must've open the Pandora's box that I kept hidden deep into the forest

I know it already had begun 


Just like seasons in order for one to begin one has to end

Mother nature brings period of spring time 

Witnessing the alluring moment of the Magical hour 

Of that Vernal equinox that lasts only for a moment

Bringing us together wherever you may be 


As I opened the window, it reminds me of your light

I'm feeling the sun kissed just like your sweet caress

I see the blossoming flowers everywhere

Hear the chirping birds just like a song

And think of the peepers peeps in the corner

That I haven't known 


Now after the moment of inception of all terrestrial

Seeds are sprinkled everywhere on earth

Summer solstice brings longer days

Bringing happiness for you and me

Awaits the fruitful harvest while we work and play

For your sweet tooth I give you maple syrup

Not to forget the fruity ice cream as most favorite 


That color and vibrancy of what autumn brings

Leaving you high and dry until the last goodbye

Leaves are falling Scattered everywhere forming into beds

Don't forget Thanksgiving day

A time to give thanks to the deity

For granting us the safe passage for the wild of the New world

Aftermath will be serenity of winter time

And everything will be put to rest


Spring brings newness

Summer brings satisfaction

Autumn for gratitude

Winter for reflections

I've travelled so far only to find myself knowing these things

Even now I still cant believe that heaven and earth are aligning

Working in ways we cannot see

Bringing triumph to all your endeavors with your uniqueness

Never to falter again 

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